About Me

Hi! My name is JJ Stephens. Currently, I am an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University. As a student, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to interact with other students and learn from great professors. Outside of school I like board games, playing sports, coding, and learning new things.

As a student, I am exposed to many different aspects of computer science. Right now, my interests include both software devolopment and data science, which have influenced me to learn python and swift. One day I hope to become an expert in one of these fields.

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Things I've Done

iOS App

In July 2021, I finished my first app and launched it in the App Store. From this project I learned Swift/SwiftUI, how to use Xcode, and how to make an app from start to finish. Currently, the app has about 200 downloads.

Window Washing

Washing Windows

I started a window washing business with my younger brothers in while in high school. We had to work together to contact the clients, manage the finances, and wash the windows. This taught me how to be self-motivated and how to work hard. By the time I left home, we had about 50 clients whose windows we would wash at least once a year.

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BYU Dev Club

I am a club officer in the BYU Dev Club. Our current club project is making a "free food" app for BYU students.

More Projects